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Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture is the important part of our kitchen and dining room.

There are so many kinds of modern dining room furniture. From wooden and metal dining room chairs, plastic and bentwood restaurant chairs. To parsons and banquet chairs, bar stools, restaurant sofas and booths.

How do we choose the best and cheap dining room furniture for sale?

It's important to consider what we need first - aesthetics from a practical point of view. What do you want from the dining chairs? Comfort, fashion, durability, longevity and all above? Once you build this, you can consider which style of chair and table is best for your interior.

Here's chairs, stools, sofas and tables that Norpel Dining Furniture Manufacturer offers:

    Wooden Dining Chairs - the most popular dining room furniture 

    Wooden dining room furniture is the backbone of our dining room and kitchen. Buy authentic modern wooden chairs and place them on the kitchen and dining table to make your guests and yourself more comfortable. Solid wood chair are usuall made of ash, beech, oak, walnut materials. When you buy Norpel furniture, you can invest in quality. Wishbone, Elbow, Peacock, Kennedy, Nordmyra, Windsor, Shell chair and desinger dining room furniture.

    Metal Dining Chairs - dining room chairs of industrial style

    Dining room chairs are the core of your formal dining space. They are important not only for their shape but also for their functions. Finding the right chairs to decorate your lobby is the key to creating a warm space for your family and guests. Metal dining chairs are attractive and durable with low maintenance requirement. Most metal chairs are designed simply and permanently, so they are easy to match with any table.

    Plastic Chairs - reproduction dining room furniture with colorful seat

    Plastics may be reminiscent of cheap, white beach foam that can rage around when you put yourself on them. But it can be a versatile and interesting chair material. Plastics allow the chair achieve all shapes that the natural materials can not. Think about the Eames chair, Nerd chair, geometric chair, Tulip chairs and other european style dining room furniture. Plastic chairs are ideal for people with small children. And they can be placed outside with an interesting and fresh look.

    Canteen Chairs

    The Bentwood canteen chair serves as a restaurant dining chair. The chair part is made of laminates with veneer, and provides various colors. The metal leg has good structure and no wear and tear. The veneer bentwood dining chairs are usually used in cafe, canteen and breakout areas. Stacking is always needed in bentwood dining chairs.

    Parson Chairs - luxury and antique dining room furniture

    Parsons chair brings eternal elegance to any family. High back, wooden legs, wide padding, textured interior and nail trim. They are produced for using in elegant dining room and living room centers, to functional furniture in bedrooms or hotels. Norpel has perfect french provincial dining room furniture options. They are for customized interior decoration of every family or business owner.

    Bar Stools - solid wood and metal high chairs for counter

    Fashion bar stools provide authenticity and comfort for your family bar or kitchen counter experience. Counter stools provide comfortable seats. A beautiful bar stool can play a more important role in your home decoration. In order to be more cohesive, you can choose an option that matches at least one design element in the space. Such as a stool with the same color as the wall decoration.

    Hotel Banquet Chairs

    Banquet chairs are designed for weddings, hotels, meetings, and banquet activities. Because they are stackable, so they can be easily carried from one place to another. These chairs are suitable using for multi-purpose spaces such as conference and auditoriums rooms. They can be easily set up and cleaned up. Our stackable parson chairs includes black, red, brown and beige covers and metal and wood frame.

    Restaurant Booth Seating And Sofa

    Booth Seating is one kind of dining room furniture sets. Restaurant booth is a wise choice to add value and prestige to your restaurant. The restaurant booth provides comfortable seats for guests and maximize the dining area.
Restaurant dining hall performs many basic functions, including providing seats and environmental lighting. The furniture you choose for the restaurant presents and displays your restaurant style. Norpel supplies you a wide range of restaurant sofas at china dining room furniture best price.

    Dining Tables - Major part of dining set

    Everyone wants a warm dining room where he or she can have fun during the holidays or celebrate special events with family or friends. A dining or kitchen table is the central element of a family meal where everyone gathers together. Kitchens and dining tables come in a variety of materials and styles, from wooden farmhouse tables to modern glass, artificial marble and metal tables.

    Our advantages and why choose Norpel dining room chairs manufacturer:

    1. Direct and professional dining room furniture manufacturer, Dining room sets supplier in China.
2. Having full product ranges for home or business.
3. High quality products and excellent service team.
4. Customized services and products.
5. Quality is our priority. We extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items.
6. Competitive price for wholesale dining room furniture and dining solutions. Product prices usd$15 to $400 for different models and designs.
7. OEM Service: we can provide OEM and ODM service if the customer have the new designs.
8. Purchasing Service: We can provide the Purchasing Service if customers wanting the other products which is not from our products range.

    If you've already got dining room tables and chairs for a long time, it may be the time to upgrade your dining furniture. Our dining chairs vary wildly in styles and colors. So no matter what look you’re going for, you’ll be able to find the dining chairs to pull it off.

    And of course, you can buy just a single chair if you've had a new addition to the family. Or you can purchase a set of matching dining chairs to replace the old ones you’re getting rid of. You can even mix and match dining chairs.

    So if you're looking for dining room furniture ideas, you can rest assured here. Because we offer a compelling and diverse selection of dining chairs matching both your tastes and budget. Contact Norpel now for best wholesale price and suggestion for dining furniture.