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  • We are the restaurant chairs specialist, manufacturing and supplying chairs and stools for restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens, libraries, hotels and more.
  • Norpel Furniture offers high quality furniture to match your design, decor and your budget.
  • Our restaurant chairs for sale are stylish, various designed, durable and affordable to form a your restaurant appearance.

Types of Norpel Restaurant Chairs

The chair you choose for the restaurant must not only be beautiful, but also withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Indeed, choosing the right restaurant chair is an important investment.
Wooden restaurant chairs: Wooden chairs never go out of style. Modern, french, vintage and Danish wooden side chairs are used in various situations. More WOODEN DINING CHAIRS here.
Metal restaurant chairs: Norpel supplys a variant of metal chairs from tolix style, metal parson chair, to metal banquet chairs. More METAL DINING CHAIRS here.
Plastic restaurant chairs: Plastic chairs diverse in colors, stackable and affordable. More PLASTIC CHAIRS here.
Stackable restaurant chairs: The stackable restaurant upholstered PARSONS CHAIRS and BANQUET CHAIRS are light weight, durable and stackable.
Restaurant bar stools: Norpel Furniture offers a wide range of bar stools ( wooden, metal, plastic, swivel and fixed ) for commercial use. More BAR STOOLS here.

    What Is A Restaurant Chair?

Restaurant chair does not refer to one particular typle of chair. Actually, there is not technically a specific type of chair designed as restaurant chair. Restaurant dining chairs refer to several different types of chairs that are used in the purpose of restaurant business. Restaurant chairs can be made of a variety of materials (wood, metal, plastic, etc.) and can be cushioned or uncushioned.

    Where Can Restaurant Chairs Use?

We wholesale restaurant chairs and stools series, which are designed for use in hotels, restaurants, bistros, cafes, office spaces, conference rooms, kitchen spaces, dining areas, and more. They are in modern, retro, Scandinavian, vintage, farmhouse, industrial and french style designs. You will choose the ones who meet your needs.

    What Cushion Can Restaurant Chairs Cover?

Restaurant chairs cushions will be varied by different models.
Wooden restaurant chairs can cover with leatherette, fabric, velvet and rattan cushions.
To metal restaurant chairs, except for the above options, they are also able to cover with wooden seat pad.
But our plastic restaurant chairs are seldom covered with cushion.

    What Finish Options Do Restaurant Chairs Have?

At Norpel, you can choose the finish of the wooden and metal frame in natural, walnut, dark, mahogany, black, white, silver, gold, grey and age treatment. To plastic restaurant chairs, there are a wide range of options. You can also customise our restaurant seating to suit your restaurant decor. Create chairs and stools finish thats completely unique and matches your brand!

    How Much Weight Can Our Restaurant Chairs Hold?

Our restauarnt chairs can hold up weight from 150kgs to 250kgs ( 300lbs to 550lbs ) in different models and materials. Please contact us to get the best chairs to meet your load bearing requirement.

    How Much Do Restaurant Chairs Cost?

Restaurant chairs have wide variations in price dependent on design, materials used, upholsteries and quantity. The most affordable restaurant chair options will be plastic chairs and metal chairs. The price range will be from us$8.5 to $28. While the wooden restaurant seatings cost from us$35 to $80. And restaurant high stools from us$33 to $78. So, don't worry if you are working to a tight budget, our affordable restaurant chairs will create a stuning look and work to your budget requirements. Have a good look through our chairs and stools and contact us with any questions, we are here to help.

    What's The Production And Delivery Time Of Restaurant Chairs?

We are restaurant chairs factory and have certain quantity in stock for hotsale restaurant chairs and stools which can deliver in 3 days. If order in container quantity, production time will be 7 to 15 days for different models. Custom made orders deliver no more than one month. Shipping time will depend on your location.

    How To Mantian Restaurant Chairs?

If you want to keep your restaurant chairs fresh and make it durable, maintenance matters.

    Wooden Restaurant Chairs Maintenance:

? Avoid direct sunlight.
? Keep the wooden furniture away from air conditioning, radiator.
? Keep indoor relative humidity above 40%.
? Avoid overheating contact, hard scratches.
? Dry water stains and other liquid stains in time.
? Avoid placing heavy items for long periods of time.
? Avoid placing on uneven ground.
? Avoid wiping the surface directly with a wet or rough cloth.

    Metel Restaurant Chairs Maintenance:

1. Acids and alkalis are the biggest killers of metal furniture, so metal restaurant chairs must be kept away from acidic and alkaline items. If the chair is accidentally caught, immediately flush the dirt with clean water and dry it with a clean cotton cloth.
2. Avoid placing metal furniture in direct sunlight.
3. Do not place metal furniture in a damp environment.
4. If the metal furniture is inadvertently rusted, we can wipe the rusted area with cotton yarn and engine oil. After a while, wipe it with a cotton cloth to remove the rust.

    Plastic Restaurant Chairs Maintenance:

PP plastic restaurant furniture is resistant to light, oil and chemical solvents. The plastic restaurant chairs should be protected from collisions and sharp edges. If cracking occurs, it can be repaired by hot melt method. Plastic restaurant chairs can be washed with ordinary detergents. Washing frequently, sun protection can keep plastic dining furniture for a long time.