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Plastic Chair

Plastic Dining Chairs

Nordic and Modern Plastic Chairs are what we want to supply to our esteem customers. Norpel supplies plastic chairs with polypropylene seat with wooden or steel legs. Contemporary and Unique design, cheap and stacking plastic dining chairs, choosing any color you want.

Price & Cost Range of dining room chair

Molded plastic dining chair are economical and practical furniture

Plastic is a kind of polymer material, which has excellent physical and chemical properties such as sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, oxidation resistance and so on. It can be mixed into different colors, densities, softness and hardness according to different needs, uses and preferences. And there is a very good plasticity which can be multi-injection in mold machine. Then produces a large number of differenct furniture accessories, which easy to assemble the same furniture in batches. White plastic dining chairs are much cheaper than wooden dining chairs and restaurant chairs.

Plastic Dining Chairs - Gorgeous Colors And Smooth Lines

Plastic furniture has bright colors: white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and all kinds of colors. They also can be made into clear transparent furniture. The colorful visual effect bring people beautiful enjoyment. Plastic furniture is directly molded by mold processing, so it has the characteristics of smooth lines. Every fillet, arc, network and interface are naturally smooth, and no trace of manual.

The cheap plastic chairs for sale are reminiscent of simple and classic wooden chairs. Due to using high quality of light and water resistant plastic, black plastic dining chairs are durable and sturdy for indoor and outdoor use. They are suitable for the use at the private dining table as well as for cafe shop, restaurant and any public areas.

Plastic Chairs Styles

You can find we china plastic chairs suppliers provide different kinds of plastic dining chairs with good designs, such as famous replica White Eames Chairs, Patchwork Fabric Eames Chair, DAW Eames Armchairs, Wood Leg Tulip Chairs, Plastic Nerd Chairs, Nerd Stools, Hollow Geometric Chairs, Plastic Seat Windsor Bar Stool.

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The Shape of Plastic Dining Chairs - Diverse, Flexible and Beautiful. 

With the characteristics of easy processing, Plastic Chairs are flexible modeling. So plastic is easy to express the designer's very personalized design ideas, fully reflecting the designer's rich imagination.

Plastic Furniture Is Lighter And Smaller.

Compared with ordinary furniture, plastic furniture is light and small, easy to move. Even if it has a metal bracket or some hardware inside, it is generally hollow or of little mass weight. Some plastic furniture can also be stacked and stored, which not only saves space, but also is more convenient. Norpel is one of wholesale plastic chairs suppliers in Foshan Furniture Base.

Plastic Chairs - Easy to Clean And Maintain

Plastic Chair can be cleaned directly with water. Compared with other furniture, plastic furniture is simple and convenient to clean. The temperature and humidity requirements of plastic chairs are relatively low. So they are widely suitable for a variety of environments.

Plastic Stools And Chairs - Wide Range of Applications

Plastic furniture is suitable for general families and can also be used in commercial and public places. It is not only practical, but also can play a decorative role in dining and living spaces.


As far as home interior furnishings are concerned, plastic furniture is more suitable for the atmosphere building of small space. In the overall collocation, plastic chairs are used to decorate the atmosphere of the living room. So that the living room is more full of vitality and vivacity. Its rich and dazzling, multi-variable color will bring special taste to the space when using in the corner.
Plastic furniture is not only suitable for the family, but also for public places, such as restaurants, office space. Its colorful colors also play a decorative and functional role. Therefore, plastic chair is loved by quite a large number of people.
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