Do you know why Windsor chair are so popular in all over the world?

Windsor chair , popular type of wooden chair, can made in Oak wood or ash wood in our company ,  It appeared in the mid-18th century, This dining chair has been produced in numerous local variations and is extremely popular in the world ,

The Windsor chair was produced in many variations in the United States,  These variations, which were generally lighter than English designs, were painted green—as they were often used in parks and gardens as well as indoors—but they came to be stained and varnished.

Whether you're bringing a breezy touch to your eat-in kitchen or rounding out the dining room in traditional style, this pair of dining chairs is sure to tie your look together. Crafted from ash wood, this chair offers an eco-friendly touch to your ensemble, while its openwork slat design and slanted back brings a timeless, nautical twist to the piece. Best of all, the upkeep is easy—simply wipe it clean with a dry cloth when you're tidying up the room.