How to Choose A Good Banquet Chair?

What are banquet chairs?

Banquet chairs appeared in hotels in the early days, and they were widely used in hotel and restaurant banquet halls. Because of the requirements of the hotel, they have the following characteristics: light, comfortable and durable, easy to transport quickly, easy to store, and easy to take care of. Nowadays banquet chairs are not only used in hotels, but also widely used in conferences, weddings, events, celebrations, music festivals, and receptions.

Therefore, metal materials or a combination of metal and wood are generally used in banquet furniture.

The Determinants of Quality And Price of Banquet Chairs

There is great competition for wholesale banquet chairs in the market, so its price is very transparent. It can be said that in the same style banquet chair, the higher the price the better the quality. The banqueting chair is mainly composed of three parts: frame, sponge and fabric.
These aspects are the factors that affect the quality of banquet chairs, as well as the price.
Now Let's talk about these three aspects in detail.

1. Frame

The frame of banquet hall chair is made of Iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel or resin.

frames of banquet chairs

  • Iron frame: low price, but very heavy. If you buy iron banquet chairs, please choose a frame thickness above 1.0mm.
  • Aluminum alloy frame: high price, but very light. It is convenient for staff to move the chairs. For aluminum banquet chairs, please choose a frame thickness of 2.0mm or more.
  • Stainless steel frame: The weight is basically equal to that of the iron frame. With a much higher price, the stainless steel banquet chair has a strong corrosion resistance.
  • Resin frame, which is what we often call clearance banquet chair: high strength, light weight and corrosion resistance. But compared with metal banquet chairs, resin chairs are not durable.
Norpel Furniture generally produces banquet function chairs in iron frames and aluminum alloy frames.

2. Sponge

Sponge is one of the important factors that determine the sitting feeling and durability of a banquet event chair.

(1) Common sponge

Foamed sponge is what we usually call common sponge. The density of a sponge is a measure of its strengths and weaknesses.
The material is foamed with polyether, like foamed bread. So the foamed sponge is like a square loaf of bread. Then it is sliced and cut the thickness according to different requirements. We can ajust the softness and hardness of the foam too.

In furniture industry, the density of seat cushion sponge generally uses 25~28kg/m3, other parts are 20~22kg/m3.

High density sponge is foam with a weight of more than 25 kilograms per cubic meter. (Density ≥ 25 is high density sponge, density between 24 and 18 is medium density, density <18 is low density.)

high density sponge of banquet chairs

Our banquet chair for sale seat is normally made of high-density sponge. The conventional thickness is 6cm. 8cm, 10cm can be customized. As the density and thickness increases, the price also rises.

(2) Molded Polyurethane Foam

This material is made of polyurethane, mixed with a variety of additives such as foaming agent, and injected into the mold to foam different shapes of sponges. It is suitable for swivel chairs and sofa seat cushions, backrest sponges. The density is 50-60 (high density and high quality, relatively good compressibility). Generally, seat sponges are harder and denser, while the backrest sponges are lower.

Molded PU foam is generally used on office chairs, auditorium chairs or other shaped furniture. The basic characteristic of these furniture is the high frequency of use, so the sponge density requirements are also higher. Hotel banquet chair, also a seat with high frequency of use, the seat sponge can also choose to use molded PU foam.

molded foam of banquet chairs

Customers can ask for the use of molded foam when inquiring. Molded sponges are more expensive than common high-density foams.

(3) Recycled foam

There is also a kind of "recycled sponge", which is actually made by squeezing sponge scraps. The cost is very low, and the flexibility is very poor. Very low-priced chairs (the ex-work price less than $10) may use this sponge. Recycled foam is excluded from the raw material range of Norpel products, so we will not discuss it.
recycled foam

3. Textile

The textiles of banquet stacking chair generally have polyester, nylon, velvet, cotton and linen. The fabric has different colors and patterns. We also can produces upholstery with leatherette or genuine leather. The price of banquet chairs is different for different fabrics.

Finally, in addition to materials, there are other factors that affect the quality and price of banquet chairs.

How to choose banquet chairs with the same materials?

  1. Look at the shape of the banquet chair. Whether the overall appearance is beautiful, and the lines are smooth;
  2. The sitting feeling of the banquet chair. Whether the backrest is wrapped, curve is comfortable, and whether the thickness of the cushion is appropriate;
  3. Look at the workmanship of the banquet chair. Whether the details of upholsteries are smooth, and whether the frame is polished smoothly;
  4. The surface spraying is smooth.

Would you know how to choose a banquet chair now?