What's The Price Of Dining Room Chair In Norpel?

What is a dining room chair? Dining room chair, is a seat used exclusively for dining, which widely exists in our daily life. It is one of the important part of dining furniture. According to the usage, it can be divided into kitchen, restaurant, cafe, bistro, canteen, bar, hotel, banquet chair and so on. According to the material, usually divided into wooden, plastic and metal chair. Plastic and metal dining room chair usually cost less; wooden ( especially solid wood) one requires a relatively higher price.

Different designs, materials ang cushions increase thousand of stylish chair. Though wooden chair price is higher, we all love and use it to decorate our dining room. Some of the wood dining chairs have metal frame version and lower cost.

dining chairs use at home, restaurant and hotel

How much is the price of a dining chair?

The average wholesale price of wooden dining chair is about $50, metal dining chair $26, plastic dining chair $22, upholstered parsons chair $49, and wood high bar chair $50.

Cost of dining room chair

Whole dining room set price range as follow:
  • To low price demand: a dining set with 1.2m long table and 4 Eames plastic chairs is just $120.
  • To higher grade requirement: a set of 1.2m long solid wood table with 4 Kennedy armchairs is $520.
  • The other dining sets are between these two prices.
But the above prices haven't included shipping freight. Based on the chair knock down or not, packing methods (stacking or carton package), the freight of each chair will be from $2 to $20 (estimated for container).

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Wishbone dining chairKennedy dining chair

Wishbne dining chair                                Kennedy Dining Chair

Elbow dining chairDanish dining chair

Elbow dining chair                                   Danish Dining Chair

Wood stoolStackable parsons chair

Wood Bar Chair                                       Stackable restaurant chair

Eames plastic dining chairPlastic Restaurant Dining Chair

Eames plastic dining chair                        Plastic restaurant chair

French cross back bistro chairMetal restaurant dining chair

French cross back bistro chair                   Metal Restaurant Chair

How much is the cost of the dining room chair?

Before purchasing a dining set, you'd better estimate the budget of your dining room or restaurant. Once you determine the cost you will spend on the dining furniture, you will know which chair and table series you could buy. And then to choose the favourite and most suitable designs for your dining areas. Solid wood furniture require a higher purchase price, while metal and plastic ones keep you in lower budget.

Before you choose and compare the costs of dining room chairs and tables, you also need to know the dining room size of your home and restauarant.

A wooden frame dining chair is around $35 ~ $80 depending on its size, material (solid wood and plywood), upholstered area and craftmanship. You could see a very simple seating or stool cost  in a very high price, that because the chair requires complicated process. (i.e. our shell back velvet dining chair)

If your restuarant can serve 100 customers, there are so many budget options.

  • To a lower budget, total price of dining table and chairs are $3,000.
  • To a fine restaurant with higher budget, total price can be $13,000.

(Shipping freight excludes)

Where is the best place to buy dining chairs?

  1. If you are going to buy just small quantity of dining chairs for personal use, the prices in online shop such as Potterbarn, Ashley furniture, Amazon and Ikea are relatively reasonable. Maybe you can buy there. Or go directly to furniture store nearby.
  2. If you are purchasing as furniture wholesalers and distributors, or looking for chairs for your restaurant in a certain big quantity, you are recommanding to buy from the direct factory. Like us Norpel Furniture dining room chair and table direct manufacturer. Our price is much cheaper. So you can save a lot of budget.

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