How to Choose A Suitable Dining Chair? - 8 Tips For You

How to choose a suitable dining chair? When choosing a dining side chair, besides aesthetics, the most important thing is to consider the chair comfort. However, there are many different styles of dining chairs on the market, how to choose them? Today, we simply introduces the method of choosing dining chairs for you. Let's take a look.

1. Consider the size of dining area

Whether it is a special dining room or a concurrent dining function, we must first determine the size of the dining area.

a. If the space is large enough and there is an independent dinette area, you can choose a more decorous wooden dining table and chairs for matching.

Large and round back dining room chairs

Model N-C3220 Neilhead oval back dining chair

b. If the space is limited and the number of people having dinner is uncertain, you can choose a smaller table and chairs or stackable chairs.

Small and low back upholstered dining chair

Model N-C3030 Low Back Dining Chair

Model T-25 Oak Round Dining Table

Small family, you can choose to let a table to play a variety of roles, such as a desk to meet some basic learning, office needs. Or if the number of people is small, you can use the small tea table in the living room as the table directly.

2.Consider the chair design

The choice of dining chairs must be in line with the overall decoration style. Although it may be fashionable to match traditional chairs with modern tables, and vice versa. We’d better to try to find something with common design elements. If the table has a curved leg, it is more elegant to match a dining chair with the same lines on the legs or the back of the chair, or to choose a cushion with whirlpools to decorate it.

Dining room chairs with black legs

Model N-C3007 Metal Leg Fabirc Upholstered Dining Chair

Model T-21 Solid Beech Wood Dinette Table

As shown in the figure, if the shape of the table is square or rectangular, it’s better to consider choosing a chair with square or rectangular seats.

3. Consider the material of the dining chair

Table and chair can be divided into steel, toughened glass, marble, solid wood, plastic and so on. Solid wood is recommended for household use. Commercial use can choose solid wood, and table base frame can choose steel or stainless steel material.

Restaurant steel base dining tables and chairs

Model N-C3026 Metal Leg Coffee Shop Dining Chair

Model T-01 Coffee Shop Table

4. Consider the portability of dining chairs

When choosing a dining chair, we must consider its portability. 

Solid wood chairs with arms

Model N-C3012 Ash Dining Furniture - Wishbone Chair

Model T-23 Tripple Leg Round Dining Side Table

The dining chair designed in the picture is easy to grasp and easy to move, especially for families with elderly people.

High back leather upholstered parson chairs

Model N-119 White Leather Parson Chair

And in this design, the back of the chair can not be grasped at all, for the elderly, it may be difficult to move, therefore, if so, its weight should be light enough.

5. Consider the height of the dining chair

45 - 50cm is the ideal height of the dining chair. According to experience, the distance between the top of the dining chair and the dining table should be at least 30cm. So the height of the dining table is generally 70 - 75cm.

6. Consider the width of the dining chair

If you choose an armless dining chair, the width of 45 ~ 55cm is relatively standard. But if your dining table or restaurant is particularly large, it will make a chair of normal size appear small, then you can consider choosing a larger size dining chair.

7. Material selection of dining chairs' upholstery

In daily life, fruit juice and other liquid will inevitably be sprinkled on the chair. So in order to facilitate cleaning, please choose leather (genuine or synthectic), suede or other materials. They are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Try to avoid using multi-layer fabrics, velvet or fluff and other fabrics surface. If unavoidable, you can lay a removable cushion on the dining chair in order to clean and change.

Modern leather upholstered side chair with arms

Model N-C3006 Dining Room Arm Chair

8. Maintenance of dining chairs

The details of choosing tables and chairs mentioned above are almost complete. But the tables and chairs we select out so elaborately should be well maintained.

The dining table and chairs set should be placed in a suitable temperature and humidity environment. It is necessary to avoid the spilling of beverages and chemicals or to place overheated objects on its surface, so as not to damage the wood. When there is more dirty spots, it is suggested to use diluted neutral detergent to wipe with warm water, and to dry with soft cloth. After cleaning completely, remember to use maintenance wax. In normal use, we must pay attention to moisture-proof, heat insulation and try to avoid the surface scratches with hard objects.

What is happiness? Sometimes it's really simple. The happiest time for people is to have a wonderful meal with family and friends. It's necessary to have a good table and chair at this time. Reunion itself is a good thing. So how should we choose the right table and chair? Design, style and color are indispensable. Apart from practicability, they should be in harmony with the whole decoration style.

We have talked about eight ways to choose dining chairs set. When choosing and purchasing dining chairs, we should not only focus on aesthetics, but also consider comprehensively. If you want to know more about dining furniture, you can browse our articles or contact us.