The Right Color for Restaurant Fast Food Table And Chairs

The color of fast food tables and chairs have great effects on restaurants dining room furniture decoration and competition with others. This article is to give suggestions on choosing the right colors of furniture in fast food canteens, restaurants, even cafe and bistro.

Now our life rhythm is very fast, and even many people have irregular diet, which makes all kinds of fast food restaurants come into being. And the competition of fast food and restaurant business is very fierce. 

Fast food restaurant furniture set

Why the right color for dining furniture is important

If you want to have more advantages than competitors, you have to pay more attentions on all kinds of decoration. The restaurant tables and chairs play an important role on its decor. Surely at first you have to work hard and serve delicious foods. 
Today, what we want to say is the choice of color of fast food tables and chairs. The nice dinette environment can make customers feel better, so there will be more business.

Bright and light colors stimulate dinners’ appetite

Generally speaking, a well decorated environment should be able to improve the interest of the diners. It's best to use bright and light tones when matching colors. It can be very warm and stimulate people's appetite. 

The overall color should be combined with the color of the ground and the wall. The ceiling must choose light colors so as to have a sense of stability.

green and white dining chairs and table set

N-F14ML Cafeteria Table And Chairs

Avoid large area of dark color

Fast food table and chair color is also very exquisite. Dark color is refined and elegant. But if the decoration is dark, then we need to use some bright and fresh light color to foil. For example, if we choose the tables and chairs in dark color, it will make people feel very heavy that the floor, wall decor are also dark.
Fast food restaurant tables and chairs
Bentwood Chair Model N-F03 (left) and Cafeteria Chair N-F04 (right)
Model T-08S Fast Food Table with Stainless Steel Base

The color of furniture should be cohesive with overall decoration

Specific choice of color for fast food canteen and restaurant need to consider many details. The most important thing is to decide the color according to the overall decoration style of the restaurant. 
Generally speaking, fast food restaurants are more concise and bright, so the color of tables and chairs should also be the same. If on the contrary, it will seem incompatible to choose dark series of tables and chairs. And customers will be depressed in the dark surroundings. So we can choose some bright colors. 
Yellow, light yellow, beige and other light colors are very suitable. Macaroon style colors are popular and give a refreshing look to the restaurants.
Macaroon color in restaurant dining chairs
Model N-K7001 Restaurant Booths
Model N-C3005 Restaurant Dining Chairs
Model T-28 Restaurant Tables

Red dining table and chair are enthusiastic

We can manufacture customized colors based on customers’ requirement. Customers choose what color can be determined according to their own circumstances. Among all the colors of tables and chairs, red is exciting. It can make people feel enthusiastic.

Enthusiastic red dining chair set

Model N-A1004 Tolix Chair Wooden Seat For Fast Food Restaurants

Model T-03 Fast Food Table With X Base

But it should be noted that if using too much red color, it also will make people irritable. So pay attention to your restaurants do not use a large number of red tables and chairs.

Red bentwood dining chair and table
Too many red colors as above bentwood dining table and chairs. It’s better to change the table to beech wood color or darker color.

Orange and yellow color dining sets are good choices

Orange is also very common to fast food restaurant and canteen. Orange tables and chairs can stimulate people's appetite. It is a representative in the warm color system, which is also the representative of health, and the meaning of happiness. So it is very suitable using orange in the fast food restaurant. Besides yellow is also same symbolic color, it can make diners have a stable mood and good appetite. So yellow is also a good choice.
Yellow restaurant booth for sale

Model N-K7005 Restaurant booths for sale

Orange bistro and cafe chairs

Model N-C5003 Bistro and Cafe Chairs
Model T-01 Bistro and Cafe Table

The dining furniture styles and sizes are also important

In addition to color, the style and size of tables and chairs are also very important. Generally, the style of fast-food tables and chairs is very simple. Attention should be paid to the selection of the closest to the decoration of storefront. 

Normally the table top is made of wood, with different base: steel, stainless steel, seldom using wooden base. Chairs can used with stackable bentwood chairs, wooden and metal dining chairs, restaurant booths and sofas.

The size of tables and chairs should be determined by measuring the data of aisles everywhere. We can find professionals to measure and design the placement of tables and chairs, so that we can decide the size of the tables and chairs.

Through the introduction of the above article, we can know that the color of fast food tables and chairs is not a random option. Only by choosing the right color matching can the restaurant atmosphere be more suitable for dining. Hope this article will be helpful to you.

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