How to Maintain Steel-wood Fast Food Tables And Chairs

Steel-wood fast food tables and chairs are not only sturdy and durable, but also cheaper. So going to a lot of fast food restaurants, you can see their furnitures are basically steel-wood fast food tables and chairs. That is, steel frame + wood table top and seat design. How should so many steel-wood dining furniture be maintained?

Fast food dining table and chairs set

Model N-F03 brown stackable fast food chair

Model T-08 stainless steel base square fast food table

Canteen table and chairs set

Model N-F13 fast food table and chairs set

The most common problem of steel-wood furniture is the steel frame. Especially the screws and welding positions are the easiest parts getting rusty. The wood-based panel table top, on the other hand, is easy to fade and get worn. How to solve these problems?

(1) First of all, let's talk about the maintenance method of base.

1. The material of table and chair base is generally 304 or 201 stainless steel. The first thing we should do is to tighten all the screws, to avoid the friction caused by the loosening of structure. That will finally damage the service life.

Cross back restaurant dining chair and table

Model N-C3029M steel x back restaurant chair

2. When cleaning the fast food restaurant, pay attention to the sequence. First to wipe the table top, then mop the floor, and finally wipe the base of the tables and chairs. The reason for this is that in the process of wiping the table and mopping the floor, it is easy to dump the water stains on the table and chair frame, and it is easy to get rusty if it is not dried in time.

3. The welding and screw position are the most prone to rust and corrosion. So every half month we are better to put some maintenance oil on these positions, in order to effectively avoid the rust problem.

Steel bistro dining chair set

Model N-A001 medium back Tolix steel chair

(2) Secendly, let's talk about the maintainance of wood part

The top of fast food dining table is commonly fireproof board.  It has very good fireproof, waterproof, resist friction effect. The edge of the tabletop is generally sealed by pvc or aluminum alloy strip. When cleaning the table on a daily basis, many people are used to pouring water on the table, or wiping the table with a wet cloth.

Though this way cleans the table more thoroughly, it also makes the water seep into the edge of the table. So less than a year, you can find the fast food restaurant talbe are having blistering deformation, edge separation phenomenon. This is due to the usual use of incorrect cleaning.

Steel elbow chairs and table set

Model N-C5005M black pu cushioned steel elbow chair

Model T-03 Black steel base wood table top cafe table

The right way to clean the tables and chairs are to dip a semi-dry cloth in the detergent, and clean the grease stains on the table. Then dry the cleaner. Of course, the edge position can only be wiped with a wrung wet cloth.

Do you get the above maintainace methods?