How do we choose the living room lounge chair? - Tips

The living room lounge chair, same like sofa, is an important part of the living room furniture. The best living room lounge chair designs not only require to be comfortable, but stylish and match with the lvining room furniture decoration. 

Living room chair should be the supplement - if there's sofa already

Many people may have such a question: why my living room always seems to feel something wrong, not in regularity and decency as imagination. Why is that?
There are many reasons for this. One of the points is very easy to ignore: the choice of rest chairs. In usual decoration design, we often see in the layout drawing of living room appearing a tall, bloated lounge chair. In a good chance, it will also choose some bright yellow, sky blue color, as as a match with the "color jumping" of the sofa.
What's wrong with it? The two largest color blocks in living room furniture should be sofas and carpets. Therefore, following the logic of primary and secondary order, they should become the protagonists in space. The rest furniture - lounge chairs and tables should appear as supporting roles.

So if there is a higher and more eye-catching lounge chair than sofa, it may be overwhelming. Though the lounge chair is modern and comfy. After the focus is disturbed, the visual effect is easy to be messy.

How we choose the right loung chair?

We have found the root of the problem. So how do we choose a lounge chair, or is there any other alternative? Let's take a look.

The right approach:

1. Choose a lightweight style;

living room chair peacock armchair

The neutral solid wood color peacock armchair (Model no. N-C5014) is also a good modern living room lounge chair.

2. It is best to choose the neutral color and wood / light coffee color.

Light coffee color cheap living room lounge chair

Light coffee color cheap living room lounge chair (Model no. N-C6023)

3. The height of the living room lounge chair is similar to the sofa, not too much higher.

Luxury and comfortable living room chair

Luxury and comfortable living room chair (Model no.: N-C3026).


1. First determine the style of the sofa, then consider the lounge chair after buying the sofa, the order can not be reversed.

2. Determine the style of the lounge chair; whether it is consistent or mixed matching.

3. Pay attention to the height of the lounge chair and sofa; try to choose a chair with a height that is almost the same or lower than the sofa.

4. If you like a lounge chair, but it is much taller than the sofa, make sure your living room is spacious enough. At the same time, pull the lounge chair as far away from the sofa as possible. This can relatively reduce visual discomfort.

Have you figured out what kind of lounge chair you're looking for?