How to choose the tables and chairs for a small restaurant?

There are many small restaurants on the market now, most of which are fast food restaurants. Because of their small size, the tables and chairs used in these small restaurants are also different from those in ordinary ones.

If it is just a simple layout, it will lose its characterization. What we want to achieve is to make the diner practical, personal and good-looking. 

small restaurant dining set

Small restaurant dining set

Practicality is the priority.

First of all, dining furniture supply in small restaurants need to be practical. This practicality is shown in two aspects. 

The first is the space utilization rate. 

That is, on the basis of not affecting the use of as many restaurant tables and chairs as possible. This also requires that each restaurant dining set covers small area. Simple design dining table and chair just in line with this requirement. In general, many small restaurants are using modern simple dining chairs and table sets. But this design arrangement is the least extraordinary. So Nordic style dining furniture is a good choice. They are nice and practical.

small restaurant furniture 

Small restaurant furniture

Another utility is reflected in the procurement cost of dining sets. 

When opening a small restaurant, many owners do not have enough money. Therefore, the purchasing cost of tables and chairs should be saved as far as possible. If solid wood tables and chairs and metal ones in similar design, then you can also choose the latter.

steel restaurant dining table and chair

Steel restaurant chairs

Use the outdoor space

In addition, the indoor space of the small restaurant is limited. At this time, you can make the best use of outdoor space. That is, outdoor can also be arranged some outdoor restaurant tables and chairs. At this time, there is a distinction between indoor and outdoor in the purchase of tables and chairs.

Outdoor dining tables and chairs 

Outdoor dining tables and chairs

We have already introduced the indoor restaurant tables and chairs used in small restaurants. Next, let's start with the outdoor dining tables and chairs. Generally speaking, outdoor furniture can not use natural material. Because after exposuring under the sun, rain, wind, solid wood dining furniture is easy to fade and deform. So many of the outdoor tables and chairs used in small restaurants are plastic or aluminum. In addition, pay attention to the reception of outdoor furniture, preferably foldable lightweight tables and chairs.