Staff Canteen Dining Table And Chair Project

Staff Canteen Dining Table And Chair Project For Steel Processing Company

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Advantage of staff canteen furniture for commercial use:

Our canteen chairs can be used in different dining areas, such as schools, colleges, offices, etc. These chairs have a seat height of 450mm and are suitable for adults. 

You can choose a variety of colors to fit inside your workspace, from neutral tones such as birch, beech, gray and black to bright tones such as blue, orange and green. 

Most of our chairs are stackable, which makes it easier to clean and ensures that chairs take up the smallest amount of space when stored. 

Many of our chairs also have a waterfall leading edge to their seats to increase comfort. For a more affordable choice, please choose our plastic chair. 

These chairs are easy to clean, durable and can withstand harsh conditions. You can buy cushioned and non-cushioned chairs of a variety of materials. We also provide chair carts to facilitate the handling of chairs in the workspace. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Stuff cafeteria table and chairs set specification:
Staff restaurant dining sets dimension: 1020*1200*800mm
Staff canteen table size: 600*1200*750mm
4 office canteen chairs size: 380*400*800mm
Canteen chairs and dining table material: water-proof solid wood venner.
Chair and table frame material: powder coated steel tube or 201 / 304 stainless steel tube.

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