What's the difference between booth seating and regular restaurant sofa?

The sofa is accepted by restaurants because of its far better sense of sitting than the dining chair. Generally speaking, the sofa used in the restaurant can be divided into two kinds. One is the ordinary restaurant sofa, and the other is what we often call the restaurant booth or booth seating. So what is the difference between them?

Restaurant Booth Seating

Restaurant Booth Seating Model N-K7005

1. Different Design Concepts

Ordinary restaurant sofa is actually a kind of leisure sofa, which is widely used in restaurants, hotels. And booth seating actually is a kind of seat that is specially developed for catering place. It combines the characteristic of leisure sofa and ordinary dining chair. Then it is widely used in all kinds of leisure, entertainment and public places. Therefore, booth seating is a kind of upgrading and sublimation to ordinary restaurant sofa.

2. Different Appearance

Some people say that the biggest difference between a booth seating and an ordinary restaurant sofa is whether there are handrails or not. That's not true. In fact, booth seating does not  certainly  have armrest, while leisure sofa does not have armrest necessarily. This is not the difference between them. 

The biggest difference between booth and sofa is the design concept. That determines the distinction between the appearance and shape of them. No matter how the shape changes, the overall design of booth seating can not be separated from the simple and generous  concept. Also can not be separated from the classic "L" shape look. But for the restaurant dining sofa, because of the core of leisure sofa, it's much richer in modelling. In the entire design, in order to display the leisure feeling, the ordinary restaurant sofa has many arc and  curved surface part.

Restaurant Bench Seating

Restaurant Bench Seating Model N-K7002

3. Different Practicability

Compared with the ordinary restaurant sofa, the booth seating pays more attention to practicality. It's more suitable for using in all kinds of commercial catering places. In design, booth seating refers to the concept of the dining chair, paying attention to the effective use of space and comfortable sitting coexisting. In decoration effect, the booth sofa  attaches importance to  to the fashion. While restaurant sofa emphasizes to mold the warm and the leisure feeling.

That's the difference between a regular restaurant sofa and a booth seating. From the above introduction, we can see that the difference mainly comes from design concepts. This is their biggest divergence.